Air Charter

From speedy check-ins to extreme flexibility and comfort, flying private charter is second to none.

Corporate Air is a licensed air charter company offering non-scheduled flights in Zambia and Southern Africa. We provide a safe, compliant and efficient aviation operation. We understand fully that “time is money”. With our dynamic fleet of Business and Remote Access Aircraft consisting of turbines and pistons from 4 to 12 seaters, we can work around your plans. We are able to transport different size groups comfortably to remote destinations and connecting hubs. We are privileged to fly into some of the most pristine Southern African wildlife parks and lodges.

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Maintenance of our executive fleet, the King Air 350 and Hawker 700 are tracked electronically using CAMP Systems. This enables us to be compliant with all the Local, International and Manufacturer’s regulations on time.

We use the following Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Organizations to maintain our aircraft.

Corporate Air Maintenance, Zambia
MPT Maintenance , Lanseria


External Audits – Corporate Air conducts external audits, the last having been done by Litson & Associates. Internal Audits – We also conduct monthly internal Quality and Safety Audits and meetings to discuss and resolve any quality and safety concerns.

Flight Tracking – Our fleet is equipped with live satellite tracking system – Spider tracks, which enables flight following by our Operations Department and the Clients. Flight Planning – All our flight planning are done using Sky Demon and Jeppesen – Flight planning software, which specialize in the African airspace covering all the remote destinations with up-to-date runway and live weather conditions.