Internal Systems

Internal Systems

We have implemented Air Maestro to fully manage our flight operations, including:

  • roster management,
  • flight records management,
  • safety management systems,
  • quality management systems.

This online system minimizes human error and compromise.

Flight Planning – All our flight planning are done using Sky Demon and Jeppesen – Flight planning software, which specialize in the African airspace covering all the remote destinations with up-to-date runway and live weather conditions.

Flight Tracking – Our fleet is equipped with live satellite tracking system – Spider tracks, which enables flight following by our Operations Department.

Maintenance – Our fleet is tracked electronically using CAMP Systems. This enables us to comply with all the Local and International regulations on time.

We have partnered with the following Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Organizations to maintain our fleet.

  • Corporate Air Maintenance, Zambia
  • MPT Maintenance , Lanseria
  • Executive Air Zimbabwe

External Audits – Corporate Air is regularly audited by registered external flight safety auditors. We also conduct monthly internal Quality, Safety Audits and meetings to implement any quality and safety standards.